Elegant, witty tea set

Want to give your tea parties an unique look? Designers from London-based Undergrowth Design came up with this original idea of a stylish retro tea set with a perky wink. Blaue Blume tea set includes a tea pot ($128.00), milk jug ($59.00), beautiful tea cups ($59.00), including a pure white tea cup, original version ($59.00), all items being inspired by retro lace, pin-up girls and porcelain dolls.

Undergrowth Design, Blaue Blume Tea Cup, Pure White Original VersionUndergrowth Design, Blaue Blume Tea Cup, Pure White Original Version

Blaue Blume sweets and desert stand ($249.00) alone is incredibly naughty. This glamorous range with witty messages is meant by its designers to inspire people to feel more flirty and fun, as opposed to traditional tea-parties, where you had to mind your manners. Made in London, each piece has 14K gold lettering with company stamp and was conceived in the idea that ceramics may actually have a softer, more textural feel. Simply beautiful!  

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