Creative and Surprising Ways You Can Use Concrete

Creative and Surprising Ways You Can Use Concrete

Concrete is a humble material. However, there are many ways you can turn it into something you'll be proud of, and you don't even have to call your local concrete company North Augusta SC. Take a look at these ideas and get ready to create!

Stone Walkways

You don't have to break your back hauling stones into your yard to have a beautiful stone walkway. Simply create the look with some premixed concrete and forms. The result will take half the time and looks like real stone.


You've heard of concrete countertops. Why not make some concrete tabletops? It is an excellent option for sturdy outdoor furniture or a fresh, modern accent for an occasional table indoors.


When you just can't find an affordable, heavy-duty planter in the dimensions you want, make your own. Find a form sturdy enough to hold the concrete and plan for a drain hole or form one by using a piece of plastic like a medicine bottle. 

Tabletop Fire Bowls

Attractive, fun and much cheaper than retail, these DIY fire bowls will elevate your outdoor style game. Keep them for yourself or make them for gifts. Just plan on making plenty because everyone that sees one will want them.


Another modern idea involving concrete around the house is to make a lamp. Use the concrete as the base and find unusual bulbs for the top. Make it a feature on a table or mantle or use it as a bedside lamp. 

Decorative Bowls

Create your own one-of-a-kind decor items by making decorative bowls. Put fruit in them, use them as chargers for serving food or fill them with sea glass. Add beads, metal or other contrasting elements around the outside or let the stark simplicity speak for itself.

When you want to flex your creative muscles and save some money, try using concrete. It is inexpensive and easy to use for a variety of projects around the house.