pet furniture

Richard T. Banks, Classic Architectural Birdhouses

Need a house for your feathered friends? I've got just the right one for you. Far from being the average nest boxes, Classic Architectural Birdhouses, designed by award-winning ...

Hepper Pod Pet Bed - Herringbone

Wish to see more furniture for lovable pets? Here's another nice option if you're searching for a perfect sleeping place for cats or small dogs. The Hepper Pod Pet Bed is a stylish ...

Elizabeth Paige Smith Kittypod

Designer Elizabeth Paige Smith's Kittypod, a half cocoon bed placed on a tall pedestal base, looks like a futuristic sanctuary dedicated to the royal, lovable, cuddly kitten.

Cocoon playhouse for your kitten

If you're a loving cat person (such as myself) it means you spoil the little furry brat of yours with everything that comes on the market of pet toys and accessories although you ...