Perfect for an afternoon siesta

I can't think for anything better in this hot summer than to stay relaxed in a lounge seat, at the sea-side, drinking orange juice or a delicious cocktail. I don't know what your favorite drink is, but I can give some ideas regarding the perfect lounge seat in which you can take a nap or read all day long. Miami-based PIE studio offers us beautiful, comfortable lounging chairs that cost from $1,400.00 to $5,400.00.

PIE Studio, Natural Spaghetti chairPIE Studio, Natural Spaghetti chair

Available in different curvaceous and richly textured designs, PIE studio lounge chairs are made from eco-friendly fully renewable natural plant fibers (water hyacinth, liana, rattan) and sustainable bamboo or recyclable polyethylene and suit any covered outdoor or indoor green-styled settings. Pick your favorite from Leech Chaise, Mouth, Spoon Lounge, Spacehog, Pearl, Sushi Daybed and Natural Spaghetti set. They are all 100% hand-crafted which make them 100% unique!

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