Bathroom fittings line from Dornbracht

The Supernova sumptuousness bathroom fittings line from Dornbracht is extremely glowing. Razor-sharp and geometric, the sharp angles of the fittings imitate the angles of the bathroom structural design. High gloss surfaces increase the sculptural upshot of the fittings. This clever mirroring technique is in particular evident when you see the inner furniture island, where all water sources in the bathroom are bought as one.

Bathroom fittings line from Dornbracht

Bathroom fittings lineThe bathroom island incorporates the bath, shower and basin all around it. An astral blast in your bathroom - the Supernova fittings by Dornbracht stand out brilliantly.


Impressive designs! I am amazed and can't stop watching these pictures. I don't think I could find all that space in my bathroom though, I could barely make room for bathroom vanities . I am still aspiring to a bigger bathroom.

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